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  • Thriving community
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Posse praise from...

Emmeline M

I had a 4.15kg baby girl on Wednesday.

I am a very small woman so all the midwives were asking how I managed to birth such a big baby… without tearing either. I tell everyone that it is from doing the Pregnancy Posse workouts. I really believe that.

I feel the best I have out of all my births even though this one should have wrecked my body the most.

My abdominal separation (last Friday when checked) was at the stage I was 4-5 months post birth with my second.

My pelvic floor is amazing (even though I only did the exercises once a day and not the three that you recommended).

So I wanted to leave this feedback here so others can read it too.

Thank you Laura for your expertise and knowledge.

I have been telling others about the Pregnancy Posse too!

Introducing the...

The Pregnancy Posse is an online health membership designed exclusively for pregnant women wanting to give themselves the best chance of experiencing a wonderful pregnancy journey.

The Pregnancy Posse has been designed by yours truly, Physio Laura, a specially trained women’s health physiotherapist, with years of experience helping pregnant and post-natal women achieve amazing health outcomes.

Come with me on a tour of the Posse...

what makes the Pregnancy Posse different?


Designed exclusively for pregnant women

Unlike many other programs, this is not just a general exercise program that has been re-branded for pregnant women. It’s designed specifically for the week of pregnancy you’re in.


Be guided by a women’s health physiotherapist

Benefit from my years of training and clinical experience. I see too many people without the adequate qualifications and experience instructing pregnant women.


Easy to follow week-by-week guidance

The greatest information will be useless if it isn’t simple, actionable and easy to follow. The Posse guides you through each specific week of your pregnancy. No overwhelm. Just action.


Based on the latest evidence-based research

Rest assured your following a reliable resource without wading through troves of questionable info. Google pregnancy. 941,000,000 results. Much of that is conflicting and some of it harmful. 


Built with the busy mum in mind

I’ve been there (… and hoping to again soon!). Pregnancy can be tough. The juggle is real. The Posse is here to help you, not hinder. Get what you need quickly and easily then get on with your day.

Posse praise from...

Katherine C

Thought it was about time I give you an update.

It's amazing, I'm at week 34 and have had no pelvic pain, no skeletal pain or back pain at all!

I have heard so many stories of people hating the 3rd trimester because of all the pain and discomfort felt but I haven't had any - it's so wonderful.

I believe it's because of the Posse and all of the exercises and resources. The only discomfort I have is the weight of my belly and the stretching ligaments as it grows.

To be honest, the thought of a natural delivery is scaring me a lot because of a lot of horror stories some of my friends have had. But I feel a lot more relaxed about it knowing there are resources on here.

Only 5 weeks to go until I get to meet my little one, unless it comes early!

I told my midwife about the Posse, so hopefully the word spreads :-)

Hi, I'm

Physio Laura

I’m a women’s health physiotherapist and I absolutely love it.

Everyday I get to help pregnant and post-natal women move towards better health.

During my years of clinical experience, I have been very fortunate to work with and learn from some amazing mentors who are well-renowned within the women’s health space.

After having so many lovely ladies say to me… “I wish I had have known about this sooner”… I decided to put together the Pregnancy Posse.

And here we are... after years of hard work learning about all the technical whizz bang to make the Posse work… I can’t wait to welcome you into the Posse.

xo Laura

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)
Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor)
Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Exercise and Women’s Health)
Mum to my little man, Massi :-)

Waiting for you inside the Posse...

1. Specifically designed weekly workouts

Fresh new workouts each week to keep you motivated. Each workout is tailored to the exact week of pregnancy you’re in so you’re not putting yourself in harms way.

2. Weekly Q and A sessions

It’s like having your own women’s health physiotherapist on speed dial. Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Posse? No problems. Just ask. I answer your questions each week.

3. Curated evidence-based resources

I often find myself answering the same questions over and over. I’ve put together some incredible resources to quickly answer most of the common questions / concerns many pregnant ladies have.

4. Our Posse of lovely supportive women

Our community of lovely ladies means you’ll always be supported by other women who are also keen to experience a wonderful pregnancy journey.

5. Constantly evolving / updating with your feedback

The Pregnancy Posse is always being updated so that it remains the ultimate pregnancy resource.

I want this to be a no brainer for you...

I’m in the business of strong pelvic floors, wonderful pregnancies, smoother births and faster recoveries… not the internet sham business.

I want every pregnant mama to feel confident to join the Posse without feeling like your taking a risk. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your Posse experience.

I’m super confident you will love the Posse. However, if ever you feel underwhelmed, just reach out and you’ll be offered a hassle-free refund. Easy peasy.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Pregnancy Posse?

How do I access the Pregnancy Posse?

Do I need exercise equipment to do the exercises?

What will I be able to access in the trial?

If I join later in my pregnancy will I have missed any important information?

Couldn’t I just join any online fitness program? Why do I need the Posse?

I am experiencing pain during my pregnancy. Is this program appropriate for me?

What if I’ve never exercised before… is it too late to start now that I’m pregnant?

I was told not to bother strengthening my pelvic floor now and just wait until after I’ve had my baby. Is that true?

Will the Posse give me the ultimate pregnancy glow?

Can I cancel if the Pregnancy Posse isn’t what I hoped?

What payments methods and current do you accept?

I’m a busy woman. What time commitment is required?

What if I have a miscarriage or don’t go to full-term?

Why should I join the Posse now instead of waiting?

What happens to my membership after I give birth?

Can I make an appointment to see you one-on-one?

Does this program replace seeing a women’s health physiotherapist?

Posse praise from...

Dixie V

Wow! Where do I start Laura?

I’m now 33 weeks pregnant and feeling completely different to when I was first pregnant.

Compared to my first pregnancy, this time I feel stronger, more mobile and confident with my body!

At this stage during my first pregnancy, I was suffering from pelvic instability which limited my physical mobility. This really affected my general happiness and I struggled to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy.

I credit the massive difference this pregnancy to discovering the Pregnancy Posse! If only the Posse was around for my first pregnancy, my whole experience might have been so so different.

I fit in the Posse workouts whenever and wherever I can - either at home when our little 2 year old is sleeping or even when I’m away interstate for work in a hotel room. With all the flying I have to do for work, I’ve been lucky to be pain and ache free.

I have been getting my pregnant mama friends in the know by sharing how life changing the Pregnancy Posse has been for me!

It’s a no brainer – if you want to stay fit and active, while balancing the juggling act of being a working mama then give the Posse a try! Thank you sooooo much Laura xxx

Posse praise from...

Kristy H

I joined the Pregnancy Posse for my first pregnancy and highly recommend it, particularly for first time mothers.

The weekly exercises helped me to keep active during my pregnancy with safe short exercises that were easy to perform in the privacy of my own home. The videos were comprehensive and easy to follow.

The Posse was a safe space that I could ask questions, no matter how big or small (or embarrassing), and Laura was so quick to respond.

There were heaps of helpful tips throughout, of which most are still handy post-pregnancy :-)

Thanks Laura! See you next pregnancy!

Posse praise from...


Just wanted to let you know that I am so excited to have made it to 20 weeks - I can relax a lot more now!

I have really been loving the Posse workouts. They are absolutely fantastic! I feel so good after doing them. I have had no problems with pain at all except for a sore left hip in the morning after sleeping on it all night but that goes away soon after getting up. Besides that, I feel great so far. Fingers crossed all keeps going smoothly.

The Posse resources are great too - I have found them so helpful, especially the tips like pillow placement, rolling out of bed instead of sitting straight up and the advice on bowel help. It's all so good.

Thanks again for all of your advice and I look forward to posting more later on as my journey continues.


$7 AUD

for 7 day trial


$37 AUD

per month

Best option if you're 25+ weeks pregnant

  • Tailored weekly workouts
  • Weekly Q and A
  • Curated resources
  • Thriving community
  • Cancel anytime
  • Money back guarantee
in person

starting from

$160 AUD

per 60 minutes

Limited availability

If you would like to see Laura in person in Geelong, Victoria... please get in touch.

Please note: wait times may apply

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